Saying “I Do” to the Right Public Liability Policy

Peak wedding season is well under way, who would have thought it by looking at the weather? You have just sent all the wedding invitations to your friends and family; the designer wedding dress has been ordered and you have booked you caterers. You are all set for your ‘Big Day’.

But what if the marquee burns down? Or the caterer doesn’t deliver your Fiona Cairns wedding cake? Or the photographer’s equipment fails? Or the best man loses the rings? Continue Reading →

Avoid Turning That Dream Holiday Cottage into an Insurance Nightmare

You’re wandering the streets of an idyllic seaside town, soaking up the sun and taking in the sights and sounds of the summer.
You pause at an estate agent’s and glance at the houses on sale. And then it hits you – that perfect country cottage you always dreamed of is staring you in the face, begging you to buy it.

It would make the perfect summer studio for you to work in. And you can just about afford it, too. A few quick calculations, and you realise that if you rent it out as holiday let during the school holidays, it will cover the mortgage. Continue Reading →

Your Online Guide To Business Liability Cover In The UK

An Introduction To PLI & How It Affects Small Business, Sole Traders, Employers and Events In The United Kingdom

Public Liability Cover

There are numerous elements involved with running any business and so much to think about on a daily basis. If you, as a business owner, have previously been in direct employment for another company, you will continually experience new learning curves as the Proprietor of your own company.

Things that you might have taken as read, or never even thought about during your previous employment, might now present real issues that need tackling head on. If you have run your own business for some time, you will by now have mastered many of the skills required to work for yourself. Whatever your circumstances are, it remains wise for you not to overlook insurance.

No business can predict when accidents and damages might occur for which blame might be apportioned to them. Likewise, there are no crystal balls available for businesses to look in to the future and foresee accidents and damages that they might personally have the misfortune to experience.

In either set of circumstances, you can probably see the sense in being safe rather than sorry. Should claims arise against you, or should you ever need to make a claim, public liability protection offers you peace of mind that you are covered in a vast array of eventualities.

So, whilst it is not necessarily a compulsory part of running your business, it offers a common sense financial and reputational safety net. If you are in doubt about the necessity of liability insurance to your business, this site features a range of articles and guides designed to assist you to make an informed decision. Website Feedback & Suggestions

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