wedding venue liability insurance

When planning your happy occasion, coupled with all the anticipation and intricacies involved, perhaps quite naturally the last thing on your mind might be the idea of safeguarding yourself in case anything should go wrong.

Of course you are not anticipating anything going wrong and probably cannot even bear the thought of contemplating it. However, amidst the excitement and romance of the vast preamble to the big day of your dreams, it figures to let common sense momentarily prevail.

Your wedding plans – and hopefully their end results – are tremendously emotive and personal things to you. You will spend months if not years carefully expending copious amounts of time and money ensuring that even the minutest of details are not overlooked and given careful consideration.

What wedding cover constitutes is your personal safety net against the plethora of things that can, and in some cases do go wrong, at weddings. Nobody wants to ponder anything but sheer perfection, but weddings can be notorious for throwing up curveballs.

If you are confident that it is never going to happen to you, take a moment to contemplate all of the suppliers you are liaising with and the worst case scenarios that should be duly reflected upon, whether you like it or not!

Immediate areas for concern are:-

  • Cake
  • Cancellation – either of the entire event or due to venue issues
  • Dress and other wedding attire – including bridal, bridesmaids, groom, groomsmen
  • Flowers
  • Photography and video filming
  • Presents
  • Rings
  • Transportation
  • Venue

These factors probably encompass your major concerns, certainly with respect to issues or malfunctions that would hit you hardest both emotionally and financially. However, it is sensible to back track slightly and remember that the core essence of a public liability policy is to cover against accidents, damages or illnesses caused. Just like when running a business, you might have cause to claim back on your insurance for misdemeanors caused by any of your suppliers – or your guests, suppliers or venue might have cause to claim against you.

Is Wedding Public Liability Cover Really a Two Way Street?

Wedding liability insurance most certainly can cut both ways, so long as you ensure that you are well advised and sign up to cover that is right and sufficient for your needs. Most wedding policies, although not all, include an amount of personal liability cover that you will need to check and understand.

The immediate concerns of you and your betrothed, as already ascertained, will generally centre around your suppliers and venue – and most notably the ways that they could let you down. However, suppose that a wedding guest had a nasty accident during the day that they could attribute directly to you and your nuptial celebrations? Or that your venue sustained damages attributable to negligence or willful damage on your part or the parts of your guests or suppliers?

It presents a far bigger picture and hopefully clarifies your need to look carefully at the small print of policies you are perusing. Might you need to purchase additional public liability on top of your wedding insurance to cover for every potential mishap? Imagine how distressing it would be if your newly wedded bliss was marred by a successful claim being brought against you. It could cost you dearly and potentially cause you unnecessary debt and financial hardship.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Yet Another Unwanted Expense?

With weddings being such costly affairs, it is understandable that you might be reluctant to fork our your hard earned money on insurance – right now you have many other means of spending it fast on infinitely more glamorous aspects of your event.

But try not to think of wedding liability insurance as just another money making ruse amongst the thousands you are trawling through. There really are no cons to consider. An affordable one off outlay might potentially save you thousands of pounds should anything unthinkable happen.

Remember that the very essence of public liability cover for weddings differs very little from the purpose it serves in business. No one can predict what might go wrong. Hopefully nothing will, but, lacking the psychic powers to know otherwise, there is no way of knowing when, where or how damages and injuries might occur. Like small business cover, wedding policies largely vary from between £2million – £5million worth of indemnity cover.

It is of noteworthiness that many hotels and other types of venues that host weddings now insist that brides and grooms to be are insured. Whilst they are specifically covered by their own comprehensive event liability insurance policies, they are also rightly concerned about potential damages caused to their own environments by wedding guests and suppliers. They have far broader experience of wedding hosting than you do and accordingly a deeper first hand knowledge of the types of things that can go horribly wrong.

Have you heard about the couple whose wedding cake was smashed in transit in the supplier’s van on its way to the venue? The one whose wedding presents were stolen by ‘friends of friends of friends’ who managed to sneak in to the wedding party univited? Or even the ones who were involved in a car accident the night before, thus hospitalised and unable to go through with their own wedding?

It is frightening and only happens to a tiny minority. Should you unexpectedly fall in to this category, the damage done to your big day will be unimaginable. But at least you will have the safety and surety of costs being soaked up by your insurer with suitable wedding public liability cover.