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Temporary Liability Insurance

Why Should Single Events Have Temporary Insurance?

Essentially, one off events require practically identical insurance cover as regularly held events – that is the key reason why public liability cover is offered on an annual and a temporary basis.

The main difference between the policy types available is that those offering annual cover may be better suited to event organisers arranging a variety of events on a regular basis, either at the same location or venue, or across a range of destinations.

However, temporary liability insurance offers the same applicable levels of indemnity cover to organisers arranging events less frequently, perhaps even on a singular one off basis. Whilst regular organisers wisely opting for annual cover might have events going on monthly, weekly or even daily, the potential risks involved with holding single events are no less serious and should not be marginalised.

You might be organising a school or social club event, a village fair or street party, a company bash or a private celebration with event duration of less than 24 hours. The amount and types of incidents you might potentially find yourself faced with are no less than those acknowledged by seasoned organisers of major global exhibitions or music festivals.

However, like them, you are probably engaging the services of a broad spectrum of event related suppliers, across venues, caterers, audio visual equipment and entertainers, but to name an obvious few. The very smallest of parties generally has at the very least a venue, food and a DJ! These combined basic elements alone have unbridled potentials to cause injury, damage or illness.

Trivial as it might sound, it is no laughing matter when anything unforeseen goes wrong at the most intimate to the most sizeable of events.

Dependent upon the type of event you are organising, a variety of temporary policies exist that can be mixed and matched to befit the cover you need. They take in to consideration your specific requirements for:-

  • Cancellation
  • Employers Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Property

Is Temporary Liability Insurance Really a Big Deal for One Event?

Much as you might wish otherwise, the four factors mentioned above require your due consideration – they have impacted on many other unsuspecting organisers and might impact on you and your event just as unexpectedly. Think carefully about what you are arranging and the aspects of liability cover it might prudent for you think about bringing in to the mix:-


If something out of the blue crops up and your event sadly has to be cancelled or postponed, it is not only a case of your own huge personal disappointment following the hard work and effort you have put in to your arrangements.

If your event is outdoors adverse weather conditions might dictate that that it is simply unfeasible to go ahead.

Whatever the circumstances are that enforce your cancellation, you are unlikely to be the only disappointed party. Members of the public may have purchased tickets from you and be keen to recoup their losses by way of claiming their money back from you.

Venues and other event related suppliers can prove far from sympathetic – and not simply because they are being awkward. From a business perspective, they have pledged their facilities and services to you in good faith and may have turned down other lucrative business to honour your booking.

They will naturally look to pursue you for either a percentage of or the entire contracted amount of money due, dependent upon the terms and conditions of your agreements and the amount of cancellation notice you are able to give them.

Employers Liability

If you are employing anyone to assist you with running your event, you are in no different a position than an employer at a large corporate organisation. Whilst working for you, any of your team members might suffer an accident of a minor to a major nature. If they do, it should come as no surprise if they pursue a claim against you for lacking due diligence with regards to their health and safety.


Property insurance constitutes a safety measure that might be perceived as being for you, rather than against you. Many aspects of temporary liability insurance cover you against any potential claims being made against you from a variety of different sources. However, property insurance works in reverse and offers you peace of mind that you are financially covered for any losses you might sustain to your own property used at your event.

Public Liability

Whilst other elements of temporary insurance are sometimes negligible and largely depend upon the nature and size of your event, self employed public liability cover is a non-negotiable must have. If you are expecting anyone to attend your event other than yourself – in which case you would not have much of an event on your hands! – either invited guests or members of the public, there always exists potential for someone to experience damage to their property, injury or illness attributable to your event.

Again, it is advisable to think of your event in terms of a one off business venture. The amounts and types of occurrences that can spring up unforeseen during the natural course of a working day are multiplied when considered in the context of an organised mass gathering of people, often in a celebratory capacity.